• TACX trainer Blue Twist T2675*

The affordable i-Flow T2270 allows to start your training in the virtual worlds of Tacx. This elaborate trainer is equipped with a frame that rebounds slightly while you ride. The electromagnetic brake and Software is managed by the handlebar computer. The delivery of the i-Flow includes the Basic version of the Tacx Trainer Software 4.1, which includes onlytwo Virtual Reality terrains. Furthermore this trainer comes with the Tacx Skyliner front wheel support. 

The electromagnetic brake of the i-Flow guarantees a most realistic cycling experience because it makes the ground sensible. You can feel the motion, drag, slope and the different subsurface. 


  • Slope (values between – 4 and + 9%)
  • Power (values between 10 watt and 800 watt)
  • Weight (40 up to 120 kg)
  • Speed (kmh / mph)
  • Energy consumption (kCal / kJoule)

Training Information

  • current speed
  • average speed
  • maximum speed
  • trip-disctance
  • total-distance


  • current cadence
  • average cadence
  • maximum cadence
  • total number of revolutions during the session

Power (watt)

  • current power
  • average power
  • maximum power
  • total consumption in kcal

Heart rate (optional)

  • current heart rate
  • average heart rate
  • maximum heart rate

Indicator: shown in the computer display, indicates whether the current training information is running on, above or below the average. 

Tacx Trainer Software 4.1 Basic 
In the Tacx Trainer software 4.1 the VR terrains, the VR riders, the bicycles and the outfits are completely redesigned. With an eye for the smallest details. You can see the spokes blinking in your wheel and when it’s dark, the shadows glide with the riders under the lantern light alongside the road. 

Atmospheric surroundings
The new VR riders are sharper and more detailed than ever and the new VR terrains each have their own typical atmosphere. Cycle through Italy and let yourself glide through the buzzing silence of the countryside, past a deserted water mill and an antique church. Enjoy the sunset over the sloping olive groves. The possibilities are unlimited.
Never before has cycling through the virtual worlds been so realistic – and never so addictive. 

Power, heart rate or incline. Thanks to the Catalyst training program, measuring means knowledge. Conduct professional fitness tests. When we were developing this software we have paid special attention to colors, functionality and clarity. The training programs can be read from a distance. You can write your own programs or copy them through the web site. For an easy operation in version 4.1 now you find on the left all shortcuts and at the top the extensive functions. This gives you a better overview, is easier to use and you can start faster. The view during cycling has been improved too: all relevant training information can now be displayed in one screen. 

Virtual Reality 
Virtual Reality terrains place the fun element center stage. Two different terrains are included. The new terrains of the Tacx Trainer software 4 outshines because of the beautifully designed, completely new VR terrains: Valeggio (sloping terrain) and the Velodrome (ride in front of your fans) 

Weather settings 
Now you can also adjust the weather settings yourself: clear, cloudy, mist, rain or dynamic. Dynamic means that the weather will constantly change when you are riding. You can also set the wind force and wind direction before you start. When you are riding behind a rider, or a group of riders, you can benefit from being sheltered from the wind. 

Outfits and bicycles 
You can choose from the most modern bicycles in three categories: race, MTB and track. These are redesigned and now much more detailed. 

Real Life Training 
Doing your ride outside, and then repeating that ride inside your home. The possibilities have become Unlimited thanks to GPS. On top of that, with the 3D maps by Google Earth, you can ride on courses that you would never be able to otherwise. The course is indicated in color on the GPS-map. A different color is used to show you what you have already covered and what is still left ahead of you. You can also see your opponents on this. And you can easily zoom in on your own position by using the interface. 
Please note:
Starting from September 2012 the Google Earth function of the Tacx Trainer Software is only accessible if you buy a license from Tacx or Google. 

Minimum system requirements 
Processor: Quad Core 2.5 Ghz (Intel i3 processor recommended)
Memory: 4 GB 
Hard disc space: 2GB
Graphics card: DirectX9 compatible, dedicated 3D card with 512 GB of memory, resolution minimum of 1024 x 768 (Nvidia or Ati recommended)
Sound card: DirectSound compatible
Various: 1 free USB port; DVD player
Operating system: Vista SP2 or Windows 7 (64 Bit-Version) 

Recommended system requirements
Processor: Quad Core 3.0 Ghz (Intel i7 processor recommended)
Memory: 8 GB
Hard disc space: 20 GB
Graphics card: DirectX9 compatible, dedicated 3D card with 1 GB (ATI or Nvidia recommended)
Sound card: DirectSound compatible
Various: 1 free USB port, DVD player
Operating system: Windows 7 (64 bit) 

Please note:
The Tacx Trainer software 4.1 is not compatible with Windows XP

The trainer is compatible with all bicycles with an outer wheel diameter (incl. tire) of 610 to 720mm. Please use the also available Tacx T1397 trainer tire for 28/29 inch wheels! The trainer frame is only compatible with 9mm quick release axles!

TACX trainer Blue Twist T2675*

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  • Preces kods: 07001324
  • Pieejamība: piegāde 5-9 dienu laikā
  • 450,00 €